Fidelity Bookkeeping
Fidelity Bookkeeping
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    Elizabeth Mouser

    Professional Bookkeeper
    Save time and money by outsourcing your bookkeeping needs.


Providing bookkeeping services allows you to focus on your business.

Build Wealth

As your company grows, it allows you to build wealth and use that wealth to give to back to your company and employees or to your family, friends and community.


With outsourcing your accounting needs, it frees up your time and money to spend time on your company or other endeavors. 

What To Do

Let's Talk

Schedule a time to talk so we discuss what your needs are.

Decide What's Best

Decide what is best for your company so that you save time and money.

On-boarding Process

Uploading pertinent documents to start you on your way.

3 years of bookkeeping experience with a background in accounting.

Hi! I am Liz Mouser and I love working with numbers and helping people.

I use my strong analytical skills and efficient processes to provide accurate and detailed financials to take the burden off my clients so they can focus on their businesses.  

Bookkeeping is not just about keeping 'clean and accurate' books (important!) but it is about people, about the owner, their team and their family and the vision for their future. 

I spent 27 years homeschooling our four (now adults) children and another 4 years supporting extended family members until I started Fidelity Bookkeeping. My homeschooling background, caretaking skills, volunteering in the community along with my organizational skills, attention to detail and relationship building skills lay an excellent foundation to serve my clients and community. 

Not only do I help others with bookkeeping, but I and my husband, Wes, love helping others learn the game of pickleball. 

We also have two rascally Siamese siblings (Zach, a blue point, and DeeDee, a seal point) whom we love.

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​Phone: 505-933-5305


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